Happy President's DAY!!! 20% off Cart!!!! Welcome BACK to Luber. Don't be confused we are doing some changes to better our brand and bring you better products, service, and a way to order them. Stay tuned for our new app to roll out soon!

Atlanta order HERE! Los Angeles can order here or visit our NEW site for more products and services www.luber.store

Hello, Luber is softening our site to appeal to greater masses of people. So the verb-age has changed but the products remain. We are trying to bring a little bit of class and respect for ones intimate moments no matter how wild they may get. We have been doing some rearranging and moving platforms to better aid our customers with ordering and receiving products.  So please bare with us while we improve our site. We strive to offer you a great service for a great price and hope you will continue to use our service for years to come because "we come even when no one else can!"